Friday, January 15, 2010

the struggle for space

(apologies for not-so-good photos. Sue is still M.I.A. and this is Max, a pleasant but not very bright fellow who's filling in. In the interest of making his blurry images a little more palatable, they're all polaroids. 'Cause everything looks better in a polaroid. Even Max.)

Sometimes I wonder why I had to go and love a (past time/ interest/ does anyone say 'hobby' anymore?) that takes up

What if I loved, say, collecting matchboxes? playing the violin? drawing portraits? all of these would undoubtedly take up less space then the menagerie of fabrics, buttons, pins, felts, wools, stuffing, beads, tools, papers and books that I have managed to amass in an offhand accidental way.

I have never taken sewing very seriously, so it has always been regaled to a chance corner or spare space, but now it is It bugs me when I reach backwards while sewing a quilt and bruise my elbow on the edge of the bed. It bugs me when I have to uncover the bottom suitcase to get the matching fabric, and toy with drawers that only-just-come-out to find tools that must be put straight back to save the tiny workspace available on a 70's kitchen table. It bugs me that I slow down so much pulling out things for each stage of a process. It bugs me so, that I have stopped sewing, and started eying off studio spaces in the area. Hrmm.. Floorboards you say? Natural light? How many square metres? So if I stop eating, on say, Tuesday and Wednesday I can afford it?

In the meantime, part of my 'I'm a grown-up darn it and I can do what I want' that seems to be going on this year, I have rearranged the space I have. Plus I was ultra inspired by all the amazing craft studio spaces in the 'Make Space for Craft' series here at Craftzine. Go check it out, but not if you want to prevent drool in your keyboard.

I have added a large desk (my computer now perches on a small cabinet) in front of the window and a small bookcase, and have rearranged, tidied and have a BIG space to work, with a LAMP.

And another space set up for cutting out patterns, and ironing ANYTIME I LIKE. All my buttons, ribbons and fasteners are in neat little boxes, and some of my fabric is easy to reach (the rest is still in suitcases, but you can't have everything).

I made a new thread holder from an old noticeboard and some spare nails (I should have known that small one Wonky, but functional.

A small change, really, but already it's making a big difference, just being able to reach things, move around and work without interuppting the flow to clear space. I have read lots of posts about people's craft work spaces, and what it means to them. What it means though is that my bedroom is now more about craft and sewing and inspiration than it is about sleeping and relaxing. Hrmm.

I would like to know how do you find space? Does it bug you? What space have you given up to feed your craftiness?

And do you say 'hobby' or 'interest'?


Selina said...

Looking great! I used to have all my stuff in bags and my sewing machine stayed in her cabinet. Then we moved and I claimed a room for myself. Now that everything has a spot a lot more creating goes on.

And if you make any money out of your craft then it can't be just a hobby can it :)

Rebecca said...

my spare room is my workroom. At the moment its the largest room in the house (t was meant to be the living room but the carpet is VILE) so we swapped the room around. It not only houses my loom, which sits on a table, but I have a sewing desk, and there is also a 70's sideboard which has my books and bits of equipment in it, but also a computer desk, a sofa, and a double bed! I do tend to dump stuff in there though, so at the moment I can't get to my loom at all, and when we move later this year, the rooms I can use (in his parents house) are still a good size, but not big enough for both a bedroom/workspace to share, so I may have to rethink. In an ideal world I would love a shed/summerhouse/gypsy caravan in the garden to work from, eventualy i would like the separation of work and home, I get easily distracted while working!

PaperLion said...

Well done, looks great!

I was so happy when I fixed up a corner in the spare room. I love having everything out all the time so if I have just 10 minutes I can do a little something. So much better than having to unpack everything every time, end up not bothering!

Oh, and am I supposed to remind you about Brown Owls? It's on Wednesday in Lane Cove!

mammajoy said...

At the moment my treadmill and sewing desk are rivalries for space in my room! If only I could exercise WHILE I'm sewing....oh and don't forget Brown Owls sis!

A Life So Peachy said...

looking good! we did a big clean up before christmas, felt so good. But sadly, I keep finding myself browing the interweb for a nice little studio space. Our tiny apartment has put a stop to market stalls for the time being... BOOOOOOOOO! xx