Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hope for Haiti

My golly goodness, isn't what is going on in Haiti just heart-wrenchingly well, heart wrenching? (I wanted to use stronger expletives there. but this is (mostly) a G-rated blog).. It is disturbing and devastating and we all have to do something, really. really really.

There's a bunch of ways crafty people are helping out ('cause we're a darn helpful lot), and not-so-crafty, and you can too.

Donate your craftiness to a fundraiser

- Donate something to Craft Hope, it will be sold on etsy to raise money (and you can put a very cute Craft Hope Haiti button on your blog, you caring person you!)

- Indiefixx is taking donations for silent auctions with donated goods to raise money for the Red Cross International Relief Fund to provide essential items including food, water and blankets.

- Join the Help Haiti Blogger Challenge on this blog

Go shopping! Go on, it's for a cause!

-Buy something from the Craft Hope etsy store, all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

-If you're in the US of A, check out
this blog to see if there is a Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti near you! Cupcakes!

-Bid on an item each day at Indiefixx

Donate your dough

- Hear the call of the 'knit signal' (like batman, right?) and join in over at Yarn Harlot or Knitters Without Borders

- Donate online to Red Cross; Doctors without Borders; The Apparent Project; UNICEF; Habitat for Humanity; The International Rescue Committee; Stand with Haiti; Architecture for Humanity (CNN has another helpful list over here)




I've started by buying this and these. My friend and I also have plans to raise money at a festival coming up. Will tell you more then. I hope we all do a little bit. It can add up to a lot.

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