Friday, January 8, 2010

what's hot and what's not (the week that was)

What's Hot
- pancakes. for any meal.
- cutting off my dreads after 6 years and feeling lighter, brighter and the ability to wash and dry my hair in much less than 2 days rocks also
- riding through dried up leaves
- cute men taking fingerprints from my front door
- children playing with paperclips
- reading a book that is so good you read a page every chance you have
- chicken soup
- long awaited deliveries

What's Not
- having a blocked nose so you have to breath through your mouth but then your tongue gets all dried out
- coughing. a lot.
- boiled cauliflower
-having someone come into your house while you're in it and steal a bag from your bedroom and dump it in a bin around the corner
-losing your money, cards, ipod and beautiful camera in said bag
- working on the weekend
- dreaming of loved ones hit by trains, stabbing Brad Pitt or auditioning on Australian Idol. Or all three
- dirt under your toenails that won't.get.out.
- white fur bought online that turns out looking like balding plastic wizard bum

Hope your week was wonderful.

Please excuse the upcoming photo drought, unless Sue comes home safely.
(borrowed title from Meet me at Mike's)


Anonymous said...

Holy boiled cauliflower Pepper - I am so sorry about the theft of your bag and wallet and Sue, but also am really glad you were not hurt by thief.
Oh best of wishes and also it is nice to see your stories popping up again - I missed you.

Rebecca said...

oh no! that doesnt sound like much fun, and i totally never imagined that you had dreads.

Cath from chunkychooky said...

Oh poor you!!! your camera!!!! Thats awful Tha sucks!!!
You need more pancakes.
Have you ever tried chiros? Sweet Spanish yumminess.. ( i probably spelt it wrong) I think it will make you feel better. x

Georgie Love said...

Argh, hopefully that's all your bad luck for 2010 out of the way nice and early, only make way for good stuff for the rest of the year!

Selina said...

What a crappy start to the new year! I really hope they find Sue :)

mammajoy said...

Lovely sis, I'm sorry about your bag. Kylie and I were together when we read your f'book update - and there was a collective 'aawwwwww' just for you. We miss you babe! P.S. Got the books in the mail- thankyou!