Sunday, January 31, 2010

beach weekend

This weekend my friend and I set off for the beach. (Photos courtesy of Sue II. It's sooo good to be able to take photos again, I realise now how much I love to document my experiences this way. During the week I decided to buy a camera post-haste, even if I.can't.really

We decided thast we needed to get away and feel some sand between our toes, so we caught the train South on Friday afternoon, for two nights in a bungalow by the beach.

The brochure failed to mention that we would be metres away from a cemetery. We decided it was life-affirming.

In the morning a team of arborists cut down 3 trees behind our bungalor with chainsaws. Then put them through a giant chipper. We were up anyway.

Still, we lazed in our bunks and drank cups of tea inbetween running to the amenities block between light rain.

It cleared up and we wandered down for a swim and cooked a Breakfast of Champions.

with a great view.

Walking to the local town I picked flowers and found a sweet craft store and awesome organic store too.

We read the weekend paper in a cafe,

found a little thai massage place, and indulged (AWESOME).

On the way back, I looked in the cemetery. I find them fascinating, I really do,

and found this cemetery bunny.

Then it was back to the beach

before a delicious dinner.

In the morning we saw a one-legged seagull

and made french toast with leftover bread, with fruit and yoghurt. Then it was packing time to catch the train home again.

I hope your weekend was lovely too!

ps. with Sue II ready to go, I'll post soon about crafty-goings-on!


Anonymous said...

I feel like I had a mini holiday too - lovely pictures.
Hope your are feeling tip top Miss Pepper.

REread said...

that cabin looks rockin, so beautiful ... make me want to go on another little beach trip

Niki said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I love seeing it in photos - maybe there should be a "your weekend in photos" challenge!

Rolley said...

Woah there's so much awesome stuff in your post, the pictures! The bunny is sooooooo cute, awwww : )
I'm also hungry after seeing all those nice foodpics hehe.

Jayne said...

ohmygoshies all the food looks DEEEEEEEEELICIOUS! om nom nom! it looks like you had an awesome weekend! i can't wait for good weather to come back to california so i can finally spend more days at the beach.

i've totally missed you, by the way! i hope you've been well!

chrissy said...

i totally just went on the best vacation vicariously through you!
i have to tell you that it was comforting to see that someone else finds cemeteries fascinating too!
love em.
the older, the better.
have a wonderful tuesday.

Nicki said...

Hi Pepper.....that food has made me hungry....the salmon and chips looks amazing!
looks like you had a brilliant time....I rather like graveyards too (and love the black rabbit to go with it!!)

nicki x