Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last Sunday I had my very first Pepper Stitches market stall. Here it is early in the morning before the markets opened, when I stood back, rubbed the sleep from my eyes and sipped tea from my thermos.

Things I did:
- set up the table in the loungeroom first to check it out and sort out signs and extras. It was so much easier to set up when I had done it before.
- brought extra stock. It's nice to replace stock on the table when it goes
- sold out of antler boys and babushka rattles!
- made friends with neighbouring stall-holders
- brought pretty ribbon for free gift wrapping
- had business cards on the table
-didn't forget to bring plenty of change!

Things I learnt:
-2 thermos of tea is enough. Any more and too many toilet breaks ensue.
-bring a market umbrella (lucky I bought one from this gal) to shield me and my table from the sun which even in winter almost gave me sunstroke
- bring product packs with wholesale price lists for interested peeps (and there were a few!)
- don't bother bringing knitting or the paper. You won't have time.
Thanks to my lovely friend Ange who awoke so darn early to drop me and my suitcases off, and my new housemate Louie who picked me up (and will ferry me to and from future markets in return for jean darning and sewing services!). Thanks to everyone who said I should do it, and everyone who came by. You made my day!
I will be there again this Sunday, at the Addison Rd Organic Markets in Marrickville, if you are in Sydney do come by. They have lovely coffee and so many pretty things.


Shine Little Light* said...

Wow you have been super busy! It looks superb! I may just try and come on by! *s* ps. I love your suitcases!

PaperLion said...

Congrats on your first market! Everything looks so wonderful, you did an amazing job.

Jen said...

Good on you! What an awesome step to take, and the stall looks lovely.