Thursday, July 1, 2010

my creative space

Running a bit late for this week's my creative space, but here we go!

More sweater cushions. I love these, the different textures are lovely and using them is like hugging clouds. Or your nana. Or a nana cloud. I'm working on a range of them, and am eyeing off all of my sweaters for possibilities. Lucky for them it's winter and I need them more whole.

Playing around with my first stencils and fabric paint. Oh the possibilites. I'll be adding machine stitch detail in coloured thread, then making them up into tote bags with green lining. Oooh. Greeeen. Will keep you posted on how (if) these turn out.

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Shine Little Light* said...

Wow these are all great! I love nanna clouds and the apples and pears are gonna work out fantabulous. I can see them on tea towels too... just sayin' *s*

Maria Rose said...

Oh my, I love the sweater pillows!

The Creative Beast said...

the stencils look wonderful! i'm sure the bags will turn out great =-)

BTW: love the phrase "nana cloud"!

74 Lime Lane said...

Those bags sounds lovely! Love the tree cushion!