Thursday, July 8, 2010

my creative space

Ah another Thursday, another
creative space!
This week I've been working on antlers. The same ones. Three times. First they were too small and looked a bit funny. So I made them bigger, but they were too floppy, and antlers should not be too floppy. In the interests of child-suitability, wire was out, along with hard plastic. I perservered, and by fusing four layers of felt together then blanket stitching around them, I have antlers that are still soft but stay upright! Woho!
So yay for antlers I'm happy with, this deer has a green body from a recycled pair of woollen flares and some more japanese print.
Something else driving me nuts this week is taking good product photos. The light has to be just so, and it's been raining and cloudy and generally wintery here in Sydney, so they are dark and dim and I'm.just.not.happy. Does anyone have any tips for this?
Hope your creative week has been a little less frustrating!
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Mandy said...

Oh yeah, I can imagine antlers would be tricky! Well done on finally getting it! yay!

& yeah I agree on photo problems!

Screamstress said...

Well done on perservering with the antlers - the end result looks just right. Panda sets the camera on a tripod, then makes the exposure a little longer so it is a little brighter (only necessary in winter). It is a digital camera, you might need to fiddle about a bit!

74 Lime Lane said...

the antlers look great! he reminds me of Christmas :)
Have you tried a lightbox?

KIM said...

awww wow i think the antlers are are great! you've done an amazing job! looks super cute.

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

oooww he's lovely! Fusing four layers of felt together is such a good idea, thanks for the tip i'll try it next time i make bunny ears ;) I always end up stuffing them and they do look a tad odd hahaha

p.s. i'm your new follower!

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

HI, This deer is ACE! May I suggest you could try bending a pipe cleaner to the shape of your choice (sharpie bits tucked over at the ends) and then wrap it all in some ols wool that you are likely to tuse... This is what I do to re-enforce the legs on my felt animals - it works quite well. But I love the idea of fusing the felt layers...Ace result. Peta

Miss Milla's said...

very cute. great idea for the antlers. sometimes projects are a process of trial and error. But the end result looks wonderful