Friday, July 23, 2010

in stores now!

Pepper Stitches can now be found in some ace stores in Sydney, which is very very exciting! I've added a 'stockists' tab on the top there!

My Messy Room is a darling store in Summer Hill, full of gorgeous kids toys, books and decor. If you can't make it (or just like a good-old browse), the good news is that most of the gorgeousness is available online (including my cloud mobile! Eeek!). Stav is the owner (and super-ace she is, too) you can get to know her and more about My Messy Room on her blog, My Messy Room Journal.

Pulp Life is lifestyle store offshoot if the amazing Pulp Creative. It's a beautiful store full of beautiful things, just look! And my antler boys are now among them! The store is like a lovely loungeroom, or you can buy selected products online too. Plus it's next to the beach. I feel a business trip coming up.



A big thank you to Bec, Stav, Nicky and Tracey for liking my stuff and having faith that other people will like it too! Next stop, Pepper Stitches WORLD DOMINATION (in a friendly, cuddly sort of way of course. With tea.)


PaperLion said...

Wow, look at you go - congrats! They look like amazing stores and they obviously have wonderful taste in what they stock.

TheEverDazzling said...

Oh, Pepper! Congratulations! That's so exciting! I love love love My Messy Room - and will definitely be popping in to see your crafted goods. So happy for you!

The Creative Beast said...

Congratulations on the shops!! that is SUPER exciting =-)

i wish i lived in your part of the world so i could browse those shops...sigh!

alfalky~* said...

Oooh Exciting! congrats. :D