Thursday, July 22, 2010

my creative space- name my sewing machine!

I feel a bit like I've fallen off the face of the blogging-world, but I am still here! You see last week my new sewing machine spluttered, coughed, and died. Died I tell you! Needless to say there was a fair bit of swearing going on 'round these parts, as I juggled warranty cards and sewing machine repair centres, hire prices and wondered how on earth I was going to make do. (If you ever need to hire a sewing machine in Sydney, I recommend this place). Enter stage right my Mum. She decided to chip in and then holy dooley look what arrived on Monday!

An industrial sewing machine! Isn't she lovely? Thanks Mum! She is quiet and friendly and not-as-intimidating as I feared. Lucky for me she has a speed dial, so I can work my way up to the racing-car speeds she is capable of. She cuts thread automatically, and has a knee lever for lifting up her foot, and keeps her need down for turning corners, and has a very nice faux-wood table. I like her very very much. (It is a little scary though, it suddenly feels much more serious with a machine like this behind me! Not a hobby anymore!)

Of course any self-respecting machinery needs a name, so I can talk to her nicely, but I need you help. Do you think: Jane, Penny or Alice? Please vote in the poll on the side bar there! I'll let you know the name with the most votes next week, and that is what she shall be called!
Of course to accommodate her wonderfulness, I had to rearrange my studio, again.
(Digital prints arrived today from snapfish, sign up and you get your first 50 (!) prints free, and they're like 15c after that. Bargain)

(On the way home from celebratory baklava I came across these ikea baskets perfect for storing fabric waiting to be stitched, and that wooden shelf perfect for holding giant threads! Awesome! I love free curbside stuff!)

(I now have 3 domestic sewing machines, and none of them work properly, but can be coaxed to do a few stitches here and there. Little Miss I'm-4-weeks-old-and-I'll-break is in the repair shop.)

(yes that's a bike wheel under the table. I don't know, it just looked like it might be useful for something.)


(My main desk with my leather jacket 'cause I'm tough. And tapestry roses cushion that I found at Salvos. See the box sticking in to the bottom left of the corner? Six now has her own fur-lined drawer, which keeps her happy and off my work surface, which makes me happy.)

My loft bed is in there too, but it's messy and heaped with cushion inserts and curtain fabric and underneath tubs are overflowing with fabric piles and scraps. Not-so-pretty. It makes me dream of ikea storage solutions. Looking at these photos makes me wonder if I've got a little-too-much stuff on my walls too.
Thanks for making it all the way to the end of this extra-long post! And don't forget to vote for your favourite sewing machine name on the side bar there!


Mandy said...

Very cool machine! She should be Penny for sure. You can use her to earn your pennies of course! lol

Jen said...

I'm so jealous of your space! It's so nice!!! :D

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Suh-weeeet industrial machine! I'm so jelous. Love your sewing space, thanks for the tour.

Maria Rose said...

She's a beauty! My machine is named Ella Stitchgerald. I like Alice, I'll go vote.

Elizabeth said...

You have a very cool workspace there!

Miss Muggins said...

Gorgeous studio, so much to perve on in the photos!!!!

byebyebirdie said...

Great looking work space you have there!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

I voted Penny … but as soon as I saw her I thought she was a Gladice!

charlotte said...

ohhh... Alice, I like that! I found your blog by goggling 'my sewing machine needs a name' cause I just acquired an old beauty & was looking for inspiration! Alice makes my short list :)

Also, I am wondering about your bulletin board spool creation. Did you put nails in from the back? I desperately need a way of keeping my spools & bobbin threads of the same colour together. I might have to try someone like yours...