Thursday, September 30, 2010

my creative space- watercolours

The Boy loves the Tigers football team, his whole family follow them (and now me too). Before the game last week I was mucking around drawing things, and drew him wishing he was a tiger. His best friend was over too, he goes for St George Dragons, so I drew him too.

I was thinking of putting these in my shop as a custom order watercolour- I think I'd like the challenge, I just need a photo, name and what sporting team they go for. Do you think people might like them for their friends or partners?


amelieandatticus said...

Nice to see other creative people getting into the spirit!!!

I think it is a great idea!

PS Go the Dragons!!

Vic said...

Fan-frikkin-tastic Pepper, honestly, I love this, and I'm sure other peeps would too! I am very impressed with your watercolour prowess - I had a much about with watercolour paints yesterday but they didn't turn out all nice & subtle like yours... I suck at painting, should stick to crayons or something lol.

HannahB said...

YES i think this is a GREAT idea! anything personalised like this would go down a treat. and I love that they are in their pants!

they are amazing, really really like them!

oscar and ruby said...

Um, yes please! I would like to place an order for a tiger one for my hubby! Wish I had of checked out your blog earlier, I could have talked to you about it last night at ABCD! Anyway, perhaps you could email me and we'll take it from there? Enjoy your time on the bus!