Saturday, September 11, 2010

my week in pictures

I am holding a pineapple. Don't look at the pineapple, look at the pretty yellow dress the Boy bought me for-no-reason-at-all. Isn't he lovely. It's lovely too.

I wore it to a picnic in the botanic gardens, and drank white wine in the sun with friends.

Leaving notes with shoes.

Oh! Remember when my house was
broken into and they stole my stuff, including Sue? The good folk at Dubbo police found her and have returned her to me. So now I have Sue, and Sue II. Two identical cameras. I think I will keep one for spares, in case (when) I lose this one.

First mango of the season. Delicious.

The studio bathrooms needed some magic, so Andy the magical bathroom gnome moved in, and brought toilet paper, soap and towels.


This week I've been struggling again with slooow internet connections, so blogging has been sidelined a wee bit. Annoying that one of my favourite things is the first to go when I get busy. So I'm posting retrospectivelly again. It makes me feel a bit naughty, like the blog-police might bust in and ask me questions under a bright lamp.
Hope your week was ace too!


Shine Little Light* said...

Ohhh camera snap... as in snap... I have the same one! Lovely pictures!
I knwo what you mean about retrospective blogging! It feels so wrong!

Luna said...

Lucky you - gorgeous dress, love the yellow!

Anonymous said...

Your pineapple shot looks so sunny! And I LOVE the shoes shot – uber cool :)