Saturday, May 14, 2011

my week in (black and white) pictures

my niece Elsa had her first birthday party, in the park with balloons and cake and a bbq too

possums came into the kitchen overnight and left half eaten apples strewn across the floor

my family came over for mothers day dinner and the kids watched movies in my room. It was the first time everyone has been to my house, ever. It was lovely.

more folk men, I do love them so.

I bought a dictionary and learnt new words on the train like quasar and obsequious; and found old favourites like piffle and canoodle.

Plus I went to my first Brisbane Brown Owls meeting (Samantha taught me to crochet, and I met Stacey and Julie too.) I was a bit nervous and possibly talked too much, and completely forgot to take a photo, but had a lovely time!

hope you had a great week too x

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I DO love your bearded folk men!
I just bought one from your etsy shop who strongly resembles my bearded husband.
Is there any chance of a folk woman?
If so I would definitely buy one.
That's all x