Monday, May 23, 2011

new stockists! Georgie Love, Breathing Colours Gallery, Meet Me at Mikes

You can now find Pepper Stitches at
Georgie Love, an online store of handmade pleasures. There are lots of lovely things there, really truly. Be warned, your morning might slip away while you peek at the shelves.

You can also find Pepper Stitches at Breathing Colours Gallery (top photo) @ 446 Darling St, Balmain, Sydney 2041, and some bearded folk men dolls have made their way to the Meet Me At Mikes shop @ 63 Brunswick St, Fitzroy Melbourne 3065.

Meanwhile, it is a misty cool morning, and I'm going to go make some more tea and start sewing some teddy bear super-hero capes. I might listen to the Audreys.

Happy Monday everyone!


shine little light* said...

Superb and congrats!!

meg said...

God your stuff is gorgeous! i embroidered the mix tape last night and my other half loves it so much!
ive just started my crafty blog (at long last!) pop by and have a look at how it turned out.... i have added you to my blogroll.

pepper said...

Thanks Meg! I'll pop over and have a look now!

Pepper x

TheEverDazzling said...

Look at you go! Such wonderful work, glad all these other stores are realising how great you are! x