Thursday, September 17, 2009

part of what club now?

Today is the inaugural Singles Day, run by a group called Yes I am Single. (when you're single, isn't every day kind of singles day?) Yep, a day to celebrate being single and join a club in the hope of meeting someone so you can get the hell out of that club. Makes sense to me.

You can even buy a badge. Why you ask? so you can be seen by other people who wish to declare their singlehood and strike up conversation on public transport/ on the street/ at the supermarket; but more importantly your friends, coworkers and elderly relatives can all ask why you're wearing a ridiculous badge, and force you to explain this status repeatedly until you want to smash your own face in, or make up a fictitious partner who is travelling in the Caribbean right now And please don't ask what is wrong with me. I will hurt you.

Oops this post just turned from a community notice into about me. I've just been getting close to throwing a tantrum about the whole thing. On the edge of cynicism, this blog made me feel better. Then I read this post, which totally turned me to mush and goo and left me smiling for hours. Not only because she is a dear friend but because it gives me hope. Because it does happen, every day.

Until then, I enjoy sleeping diagonally, not shaving my legs if.I.don' and doing what the hell I want.
You can keep your club.


Jayne said...

"Yep, a day to celebrate being single and join a club in the hope of meeting someone so you can get the hell out of that club."

HAHAHAHA No joke - this just cracked me up, way the hell out loud. Love you, Pepper!

Also - that club sounds absolutely ridic. I think I'd be way too embarrassed to join, you know?

Anonymous said...

As a freshly minted single; I like it. A highly under-rated state. That said, I need no group. Just the satisfying ability to not have to call home to say I'm staying for one more drink, not having to not go see the romantic movie about queen victoria, not having to put less coriander in the stir-fry etc etc etc etc!

Go us!!

Danielle said...

I actually thought you'd just made this up and then I looked at the website - can you be offended yet highly amused simultaneously?

Crap - I just relised I missed it by one day - oh well, does this mean I have to wait a whole year to real people everyday settings?

Thanks for the pick me up on a Friday!