Saturday, September 26, 2009

yarn bombs away!

Woot! this morning I found the perfect spot for my first guerrilla knitting, and while a freezing wind whipped around I sewed a little sweater on a branch. I had to sew it quite high, where the branch was thinner so it could fit around, and ended up climbing the tree to reach, which made me feel very guerrilla-like indeed (if guerrillas perch in trees with sewing needles trying not to flash their undies).
A woman came by and asked to take a photo of me for her mum, who she said loves it. I didn't think to ask her to take a photo for me too, because I was concentrating on not falling out. It was a bit thrilling, and I'm looking forward to riding past it every now and then, and starting my next one! Only thing is, I sat in chewing gum in the tree and its stuck on my skirt. Who puts chewing gum in a tree? I mean really?
(If you're around, it's at the end of the tiny Georgina St, just off South King St Newtown)


Nikki Cardigan said...

That is bloody awesome Pepper. You are officially VERY COOL! I loved that you had to climb the tree to put it in place and that someone spotted you and admired you rather than growl at you.

A Life So Peachy said...

Awesome! I'll have to swing by & check it out xx

Kylie said...

WOW! You are fabulous!!! So cool... wish I could whizz down to see it. :) K