Sunday, September 27, 2009

what I'm up to

Watching :: 'love my way' series with my friend Zana
Reading :: slightly in denial about just finishing Jane Eyre. I didn't want it to end
Making :: having a go at little felt antlers with wire insides, for a tiny monster
Eating :: fried eggplant with dill and cheese
Feeling :: tired, cold, and a bit sickly; but also relaxed, inspired, hopeful, and happy to see my housemate back from France
Thinking :: about all the things I want to do this week; work, essay, assignment, stitching, photography submission, posting, writing.
Wondering :: how much I will actually get done
Hoping :: that this stomach ache goes away quick sticks, so I can go see my friends band rock out tonight
Hearing :: the wind in the trees, david attenboroughs voice and a purring cat
Liking :: finding lots of lovely plushie makers blogs through collaboration
Wanting :: to never think or worry about money and be able to do whatever I like most
Playing :: newton faulkners album (undecided) and with new cushion designs
Wishing :: I had a pecan caramel pie with cream right now. and that weekends were a bit longer please
Enjoying :: endless cups of tea
Coveting :: a pretty thermos to take tea to the library, and a pair of brown leather boots

a handy list for updates from MeetMeAtMikes. What are you up to?


Zerumpees said...

Thank you!! So glad you left me a comment because it directed me HERE! What a fun blog, love your stuffed bears! Awesome banner by the way!

Maria Rose said...

I love Jane Eyre. It's fun to re-read after a little time passes.

Dennise Rodriguez said...

Really nice post! :) Again, thanks for the follow, I really like your creations and your blog.