Tuesday, June 21, 2011

do you have to be superhuman?

(photo by DudleyRedhead)

I feel a bit like this today, just trying to catch up on computer-y stuff. Reading, researching, updating, filing, entering, writing. Marketing, accounts, social media, blogging, research, accidental-looking-at-etsy, reading blogs, guest posting, listing items, following up. Is it all necessary? And how can you tell what is important and what is not? If it makes money? But not all value is about money. If it is focused? But you'd know too the treasures and ideas found accidentally. Do you have to be superhuman to fit it all in?

When people ask what I do, I say I make stuff, but sometimes the computer part can grow and grow into the making stuff time, and days pass where I have ticked boxes but not.made.a.thing. That can't be right.

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alfalky~* said...

Yeah, it is tricky working out what to value, and where to put your time, and how to make things work and how to feed your happy places and have money in the bank...

I think it is a sort of dance, like most things, there is no one answer cos it is always shifting. I like to think of it as dancing...it sounds more fun!

p.s. I think it is SO awesome that you are making things for a living.