Friday, June 10, 2011

etsy craft party 2011

Last night I went to an etsy craft party, and met lots of lovely and super-creative people. I was too busy having fun and drinking tea to remember to take photos (I had fun and took lots last year). So this banner will have to do. Just imagine photos of lots of people. And lamingtons and cookies in the shape of cats, and biscuits in a little suitcase. Yes.

I met Jess who edits the gorgeous *bespoke* zine and designs jewellery too; Kate from dashrobin designs who is very funny and teaches crochet; Bronwen who is an ecologist by day and makes Whizzbangle resin bangles by night; Dominique from Esbert's Collection who draws and makes (the.cutest.crochet.bears); Lesley from sweet as spice, who is lovely and has the bestest business card ever; Majella had an awesome hat and is a vintage lover/styler/writer; Teneale makes dolls with a wicked personality (I especially love Mr T); and also Vicky from Incube8r, Helen from Bristyle, and Lisa who ran the whole shebang at Salt House. Phew.

I had a lovely time and it was so nice to meet some new crafty friends in my new city. I hope I didn't talk too much. I do that sometimes.

(OH! edit: you can see some photos here)

(ps. Darn blogger keeps refuses to keep me logged in unless I am on my dashboard, so I cannot follow any new blogs. Or edit my pages. Or leave comments properly. Has this happened to anyone else? It is a little bit annoying. Actually quite a bit.)


shine little light* said...

Happened to me a few weeks ago for like 3 days. it was happening to other bloggers too... try using a different internet server...
sounds like a fun party. *s*

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Sometimes you just have to enjoy, right? I totally feel you! Sometimes I'm not in the mood to take pictures, either. :)
And oooh, lamingtons. I forgot about those... I tried some in Australia last year, so delish.

Have a great weekend. XO.

pannikin said...

Ahh I feel bad for not coming to the craft party at Salt House! I just got so preoccupied with making things that by the time my 2 buses would have gotten me there it'd practically be over. Sad face. I even made cookies! Hope you had lots of fun :)