Friday, June 17, 2011

taa daaa!

Here it is! Hooray!

Oh boy, it took some tea and patience, but I now have a Pepper Stitches website, which is nice. It has lots of info on it, and so I've taken some pages off this blog but you can still see by clicking on the new speech bubbles in the sidebar there. So when people are looking for what I do, they can find it right away; instead of immediately reading about what I had for breakfast or my new favourite song. Which is nice to know, but not-quite-as-professional. So this blog will be for bloggy stuff, and other stuff can go on the website from now on. Yep.

I think I will take a better quality photo for the front page. And change the order of photos in the gallery. And.. but it is good for now. You have to let it be, sometimes, don't you? Or it would never end.

I made it with, which is free, and easy, and looks ace. My sister made hers there too. (remember to change your bookmarks to if you'd rather go straight to the bloggy bits)

Now I need to get back to sewing!

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A Life So Peachy said...

Looks great! I've been looking at wix for a while- was it easy to set up? Good luck at the markets this weekend :)